Healthy Halloween Alternatives from BayView Orthodontics

At BayView Orthodontics we understand the excitement that comes with the holidays, as well as the sugary foods that coincide with them. This is why Dr. Austin Rahaim and his orthodontics team decided to provide our patients with healthy and fun alternatives for one of our favorite holidays: HALLOWEEN!

While Halloween is a fun time to dress up and trick-or-treat, we have found that there is nothing scarier than the cavities that occur, as well as the damage that your braces endure after the candy overload! This year, try making one of our favorite Halloween treats below for the next kid’s party you attend!

Spooky Banana Ghosts & Cute Clementine Pumpkins

Instead of putting out a bowl of candy at your next children’s Halloween party, try making these adorable, and orthodontist-approved, banana ghosts and clementine pumpkins! This snack is easy to assemble, kid-friendly and won’t cause damage your braces like those hard, sugary candies do.

What you’ll need to assemble:

-Large bananas peeled and cut in half (The number of bananas & clementines depends on how many people you are serving. Just remember that 10 bananas= 20 ghosts!)

-1 bag of mini chocolate chips

-1 bag of regular chocolate chips

-Peeled clementines (1 clementine= 1 pumpkin, purchase your clementines accordingly)

-Celery sticks cut into small “stems”


To create your spooky ghosts, take one banana piece that has been peeled and cut in half and place two mini chocolate chips into the banana as eyes. Next, take one regular chocolate chip and place it underneath the eyes as the ghost’s mouth. It’s that easy!

To assemble your plump little pumpkins, take your peeled clementine and celery stick stem. Place your celery stem at the top of the clementine where all of the pieces meet and insert it in the middle. Voila, your pumpkins are complete!

Arrange your pumpkins and ghosts on a fun fall platter and serve them at your next party. Kids will surely gobble them up and parents will approve of your healthy snack alternative! If you wish to get even more creative, have your kids join in on the fun by adding some personality to their ghosts! Try adding coconut around the ghosts for a spooky glow, or melt some chocolate and create a funny mustache above your ghost’s mouth. The sky is the limit!

For more healthy orthodontic tips, tricks and fun facts contact BayView Orthodontics at 228-467-2211 today. We proudly provide orthodontic care to patients in Long Beach, Gulfport, Diamondhead and the surrounding Bay St. Louis areas. Have a safe and fun Halloween night!

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